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The Raise Fund is open now for expression of interest from investors who want to support early stage tech founders across NI, Ireland and reaching into the UK.

From the establishment of the Raise Accelerator Programme in 2019, the founding team of Raise Ventures have always had the appetite to create an early stage fund and the Raise Fund is the natural next step

The startups we support through the Raise Accelerator Programme complete a 6-month programme to provide them with the best business and investment foundations to grow a startup. 

These startups essentially complete due diligence during the programme and become investor ready, making it an easy transition into the Raise Fund.

From an investor perspective the Raise Fund takes all the heavy lifting out of funding, qualifying and investing into early stage startups

Already the Raise Accelerator Programme has seen 12 successful startups graduate with 58% of these receiving early stage funding from angels, syndicates or crowdfunding.

So the Raise Fund compliments the journey from Raise Accelerator Programme to investment
 – It makes it easier for founders raising investment 
 – It makes it easier for investors making investment

“Never have I felt more confident and happier to go to market and raise investment”

Kufa Matiya CEO of MyPAM
Raise accelerator alumni

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The Raise Fund Vision 

The Raise Fund fills the gap between taking a great product and team out to market. At the earliest stage startups need funding to grow in their market, whether that be for sales, marketing or building a team. The vision of The Raise Fund is to make the journey for good startups easier. And essentially by providing one of the first commitments to an investment round the Raise Fund paves the way for an easier investment journey. 

What is the Raise Fund?

The first early-stage private seed fund for tech start-ups in Northern Ireland. It will provide funding to founders to enable them to be innovative and launch into their market, reaching early stage customers.

This fund has been created by founders for founders with a focus on funding through the one of the riskiest and challenging part of establishing an early stage tech startup.

The Raise Fund Mandate

The main objective of the Raise Fund is to sit alongside The Raise Accelerator programme and provide startups with a clear path to early stage investment. 

The mandate is that the fund will support and invest into good teams with good tech products with a clear route to a large customer market within the B2B tech space.

The mandate will also consider a wider range of startups outside the Raise Accelerator programme who will go through an application and selection process.

Why Express an Interest in The Raise Fund? 

The Raise Accelerator and Fund team has a wide range of experience in startups and investment. Startups are our business and we see our founders success as our success.

The main challenge as an angel investor is finding good quality deal flow as there are so many startups in the market and the due diligence to source the best deals takes so much time.

The Raise Fund sources good quality startups and takes away all the heavy lifting needed to find, qualify and invest.

The Raise Fund is open now for expression of interest from investors who have want supporting early stage tech founders across NI, Ireland and reaching into the UK.

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