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The RAISE Accelerator is a 6 month intensive programme. Our startups will work with the Raise team to build strong foundations for their business with the aim to innovate, validate, accelerate and raise investment.

Raise Applications are OPEN

What we are looking for?
Founders with a startup business idea, who have identified an opportunity to scale that idea into a large addressable market.
Founders must have some understanding of the problem they are trying to solve, the route to market, how they will generate revenue from their idea as well as an idea of who their competitors are.

  • Applications are open for October
  • Interviews End of September
  • Raise Sessions will begin Tuesday 1st October

What you get?

In the first 12 weeks you will learn the foundations of how to setup, run and accelerate your startup idea in our Raise Sessions.
And on a weekly basis, you will also be tasked with identifying what you need to do to make your idea investable.

Raise Sessions include

  1. Starting a Startup
  2. Startup Stages & Risks
  3. Business Planning
  4. Funding Overview
  5. Exits & Valuation
  6. Markets & Marketing
  7. Pricing
  8.  Sales for non-Sales CEOs
  9.  Product Development & Delivery for non-Techie CEOs
  10.  Scale or Fail
  11.  Survival Skills for Term Sheet Virgins
  12.  Surviving the Investment Jungle
  13. Wild Cards

The remainder of the programme is bespoke to our startups focused on the individual needs of the company including technical, sales, marketing, finance and operational support. No question or problem is too small, the Raise team are your advisers and mentors and will make connections to right experts to help your business.

Your startup will be provided with desks, WiFi, light, heat, administrative support, meeting rooms, projectors, IT support, and unlimited access to RAISE events. You will have the opportunity to practice your pitching skills with your mentors and peers. You will form bonds with your fellow startups on the programme; sharing skill and experiences.

You will have the opportunity to meet, network with and befriend some of the regions most prolific investors, each with a verified track record in startup investment. And access an extended network of investment options.

RAISE takes your health seriously and will provide introduction to mental health services.

In addition, RAISE will provide vetted introductions to organisations and service providers to help the startup get the very best footing.

What we get?

The RAISE accelerator takes a non-negotiable 6% stake in every startup coming through our doors.

This 6% stake ties our success to your success. If you thrive and vastly increase your valuation, then we win too. If you don’t thrive, we lose out. We will be diluted when you are.

Startups are our business. Your success is our business. We will base our business decisions on what is best for your startup and your investor relations. We will never be a blocker to an investor for you.

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