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Starting in June 2019, RAISE will be picking up the torch for helping deliver Northern Ireland from the Digital Skills Shortage which was amply illustrated at the NI Digital Skills Summit in April 2019. This has been part of our strategy as we are the spiritual successor to Start VI (the first commercial accelerator) and Digital Circle (the biggest trade association for digital careers) in Northern Ireland.

We are starting with an introduction to Go (GoLang)

Let’s Go

Go (or Golang) is a programming language that was released in 2009, designed and developed in Google to simplify designing and developing modern applications

We have joined up with Raise Ventures’ Decode programme to offer a one day Go workshop, where starting from nothing we will learn the language, develop and application and make it available online.

The workshop is aimed at people who have some programming experience but may not have ever used Go.

This is a paid for event, with all of the proceeds from tickets going to GoBridge, which aims to build bridges to educate underrepresented communities to teach technical skills and to foster diversity in Go.

Please note, if the cost for this event is the reason you would be unable to attend please get in touch as we have some sponsored tickets available.

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