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Content on this page is only available to Paid Members. [memberonly] Mental Health Workshops How to Build Resilience Mental Health at Work Ways to Workplace Wellbeing Investment and Cap Tables What is Angel Investment Example Cap Table Company Law Copy of Full List of Company Law Shareholder Rights for Raise & YENNI Attendees – 21st […]

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Raise Startup Stories from Oroson

This week in RAISE saw the launch of Raise Start-Up Stories, this is the start of a series of monthly events showcasing stories from founders who have been there and done it. They will share experiences, what works, what doesn’t work with the main aim to help others starting out.   The start-up club is […]

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How will you cope in the new decade of the 20’s?

It’s Friday morning, it’s breakfast time, you think it’ll just take 2 minutes to see what’s happening in the news, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin then 15 minutes later you’re rushing out the door late for work. It’s 9.10am in work, you’re checking the calendar for the day getting ready to make the to do […]

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Announcing Digital Circle….

In 2007, industry, academia and government worked together to produce the Northern Ireland Digital Content Strategy – a timely document that paved the way to the Digital Circle collaborative network and several years of rapid growth in our local industry. Timely because it arrived just before a sea change in the market – the advent […]

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Who should come along for the ride?

We’re going to be very specific. We have loads of events coming up. We have loads of events planned but not public yet. But we also have a specific audience. Our events are not open to everyone. They’re not open to the rank and file, they’re not open to government employees, they not really open […]

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Raise and Digital Circle Membership see options below. The benefits of being a member include: Access to our startup workshops Promotion in our Directory Access to Member Deals Early Notification of all events Inclusion in the Customer Reactor [mw open=”join” levels=”5de58f8fafd691f74b7aa232, 5ced3ecaafd6918869ee7691, 5dc3f28bf033bf2f7004f16c, 5ceff5b3f033bf063d9d9bd9″]

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  Raise and Digital Circle Memberships  We believe in the value of raising knowledge and building the community is the way to strengthen a great startup ecosystem. The Raise Membership focuses on knowledge and community. It offers something special for each stage of running your business. By being part of the Raise, you will be […]

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