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Investment Theatre

Some things just capture the imagination. Two TV shows aimed at the voyeur or the “wantrepreneur” have been astoundingly popular. The Apprentice. And Dragons Den (or Shark Tank). Every week we see “theatre” not reality. The machinations and manoeuvring of the wealthy antagonists is aimed at producing “Damn Fine Television” rather than damn fine investments […]

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Investors Forum

The first NI Investors Forum will be held in Spring 2019. The aim is to invite ‘qualified’ investors to a series of formats designed to root out barriers to investment, draw on the experience of each other and outline the sort of target investments they are seeking. Interested attendees can also participate in Investment Readiness […]

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For Investors

The RAISE accelerator is the only privately-run accelerator in Northern Ireland. Our team have extensive experience in running programmes for economic development, for digital technology and for investment readiness. We also have investors who have decades of experience of disruptive and highly scalable businesses. We need you. You’ve got experience, contacts and interests that we […]

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