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50 Top NI Tech Companies

50 Top NI Tech companies that you need to know about from Digital DNA/Upstart 2020.

Digital DNA / Upstart have released this magazine to Showcase 50 top Northern Irish tech companies that you need to know about. The insights include an intro from Simon Bailey CEO of Digital DNA, an interview with Jenny Irvine, our CEO at Raise Ventures. Jenny’s piece is titled ‘A rising tide lifts all boats. The magazine then includes an interview with Gary Davidson from Tech Nation and he talks about Northern Irish startups ‘Thriving in an uncertain world’. There is an interview with Andrew Kirk of Tughans related to technology contracts and Brexit, another interview with Simon Bailey of the CEO and it ends with an interview with Alastair Cameron of Staracus on ‘Why a recession in 2021 could create an NI tech unicorn’

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Fintech should see the Covid Crisis as a Dangerous time with Opportunity.

In 2011 I wrote a blog for Sapphire Capital Partners ( discussing the continuing fallout of the 2008 banking crisis and the opportunities for the then revolutionary idea of Equity Crowd funding and P2P lending. The title of the Blog was “Crowdfunding sees the banking crisis as an Opportunity with Danger”.  In hindsight, it should…

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Challenge those sacred cows in your organisation writes: A European rival to workplace messaging app Slack called Element has won the world’s largest-ever single contract for a collaborative software service, supplying half a million licences to help communication in the German education system. The win points to the growing concern about privacy in communications around the world. At Raise, we use…

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