Building an inclusive culture for startups  

Our very first Deep Dive workshop explored a topic close to our hearts – diversity and inclusion in startups. We wanted to understand how and why startups can create a fair and supportive working environment. 

We’re at a pivotal point in the world of diversity, equality and inclusion where the norm is shifting. Founders and business leaders are in a privileged position, poised to be at the heart of this evolution towards inclusivity by default. Founders – now is the time to start building the right foundations for an inclusive culture.

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What did we learn during the workshop?

It’s all about people, and it’s all about caring. It’s no surprise then that fundamentally, diversity is really just caring about people. You aren’t expected to know everything, so lean into those that know more than you and listen to them. That could be your team, experts or advisors. There are plenty of resources available to help you build knowledgeable networks to evolve your understanding of DEI in the workplace. Feeling heard = feeling included. 

You also aren’t expected to get it right every time. But you’ve got to try. Taking a flexible and honest approach shows authenticity and a willingness to learn.  As a leader, be visible in the action you’re taking and others will follow suit, helping create an inclusive and respectful culture. Small, incremental changes can make a big difference. 

As a founder, embedding diversity, equality and inclusion into your operations changes the pool you fish in. Removing unconscious bias gives you access to new talent pools, new and emergent thinking and fresh perspectives. Who doesn’t want that?

Finally a big thank you to our speakers for sharing their insights and expertise into how founders can create inclusive cultures! Shout out to.. Kufa Matiya, Founder and CEO of FutureMatch, Jemma Simpson, Founder and CEO of Diverse Talent, and Laura Lavery, Community and Engagement Lead at PA Consulting. 



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