The Emerging Leaders Summer School

If I asked you to think of an inspirational leader, who would you picture? Does Bill Gates come to mind? Maybe it’s Jeff Bezos. Or Elon Musk. Or Steve Jobs. Or maybe it’s Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But I bet you don’t picture yourself. Why is that?

What is: The Emerging Leaders Summer School
Raise are hosting an Emerging Leaders Summer School for the next generation of business leaders, blending fundamental skills with the power of wellness and resilience and empowering you to uncover your authentic inner leader.

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With an emphasis on resilient leadership, the programme will give you the right resources and help you develop the skills and mindset of the leader you can become to make your ambition reality. Led by industry experts and wellbeing mentors, the 8-week programme will consist of weekly Friday workshops and offers a valuable opportunity to meet and connect with others on the same path through wellbeing initiatives such as sea swims, hikes and yoga.

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Block booking is available contact evajayne@raise-ventures.com for more info.

Be your own inspiration

Let’s break it down a little bit. Think of the attributes of the leaders of our generation. They’re articulate, confident, resilient, inspirational. They are individuals who have built strong foundations that keep them grounded despite the multitude of difficulties they face. Have you ever stopped to think that you can be that person, too? 

Whether you’re a CEO, director, team leader, or aspire to be any of these things, it’s time to step into the person you know you can become. This is where the idea for the Emerging Leaders Summer School came from. We want to help you uncover the best version of yourself and nurture it. Become the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

You might think it’s too late. Maybe you’re too stressed. Burnt out. Wondering if now is the time to throw in the towel and give it all up. 

It’s not! It’s never too late to reset, refocus and realign yourself with the right values to ground you. The Summer School is the perfect next step to stop and remember why you started in the first place. We’re here to give you the resources and tools to enhance your leadership, and help you build a resilient mindset that will help you not only achieve, but sustain, success. 

You are part of the next generation of leaders emerging from NI and beyond. It’s time to be your own inspiration. 

Join us on the Emerging Leaders Summer School and become who you’ve always wanted to be. Hosted hybrid in the Raise Space in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, in-person and virtual tickets are available now. 


FAQ: Your questions, answered: 

Do I have to attend all the Summer School workshops?
No, you’re free to pick and choose to come along to the workshops that suit you best. Maybe you want to build confidence, or you’re more interested in understanding how to inspire and motivate your team. It’s totally up to you.

I’m interested in joining the full programme. Is there a bundle offer?
We’re keen to make the workshops accessible to everyone from all backgrounds. Please get in touch with evajayne@raise-ventures.com to discuss discounted package offers.

Do I have to fulfil any criteria to join the workshops?
No, anyone seeking a programme to develop themselves and build strong foundations for their professional development is welcome to buy tickets on Eventbrite. We’re open to all genders, backgrounds, ages and ambitions.

Is there an application process?
No, there is no application process to join the workshops. You can just buy your tickets on Eventbrite.

If I’m joining virtually, can I still do the wellbeing activities?
Absolutely. Virtual tickets are available at a discounted price. We would encourage you to find a way to get out there and do the activities like the mountain hike and sea swim too. And send the group your photos!

Can my company pay for me to go on the course?
Absolutely. We love seeing organisations that support their employees’ development. If any companies are interested in sponsoring or match-funding places on the workshops, please get in touch.

I’m keen to get involved with the workshops and support aspiring leaders. Are there any opportunities for sponsorship available?
Yes! We’re a big fan of giving back and paying it forward as well. We’re happy to discuss sponsorship opportunities. Please contact evajayne@raise-ventures.com for more information.

P.S. As a reward for reading this far, here’s a 10% discount code for you. It can be used against all workshops. Enjoy! RaiseCommunity99

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