8 Future of work tools that inspired us at the Startacus Work: In Progress conference.

The future of work is a topic that every entrepreneur will be faced with at some point in their career. However, it can be hard to know how to prepare for this or where to start understanding what the future of work might look like. That’s why we’re giving you 8 tools that we picked up from the Startacus Work: In Progress conference last week.

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Yonderdesk is virtual office space that puts all workers on a level playing field, with a stack of useful features that recreate the look, feel and functionality of physical premises.



Waypoint integrates seamlessly with the tools & workflows you already use, transforming your technology stack into a networked conduit for change.



PixelMax incorporates all communication channels in one place. From chat to meetings to channels to file shares. Effectively communicate and collaborate in real-time all in one platform. It’s great for events and meet-ups in 3D.



Sona empowers your desk-less staff with the tools they need to make work easierIt allows your employee to schedule shifts, communicate via mobile devices and give feedback to HR and Management.



Roleshare is the smart matching site for shared roles. Share the work and pay of a full-time job. Extra smarts with full-time balance at work and in life.



Tablecrowd live and breathe the startup and tech scene. Recruitment for startups and scaleups is what they do. They network with some of the most exciting high-growth companies in the world and support that growth by helping startups and scaleups recruit the best talent for their teams.



Oshun provide virtual employee wellbeing programmes, workshops and classes that make your staff healthier and company wealthier.


Career Masterclass

Career Masterclass help driven and determined professionals from black and ethnically diverse backgrounds get visible and connected with mentors and provide quality content to ascend professional careers in the right direction.


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