Raise Ventures Accelerator review with Raj Agarwal, startup founder at tisec.io

Today we speak to Raj Aharwal, startup founder at Tisec to hear his thoughts, review and testimonial about Raise Accelerator programme that he successfully took part in during 2021.

How have you found the post-course support after completing the Raise accelerator programme.
Raj: “It was an unexpected experience post-programme support, even till today TISEC don’t feel left alone in this journey. Always felt supported and encouraged by the team and network.”

How have you found building a tech company in Northern Ireland?
Raj: “It was a mix of emotion and a tough decision to form a Tech company in NI, but so far it’s ongoing despite any ups and downs. One thing is for sure, support is much needed during this journey.”

How has Raise helped you understand the Visa landscape and provided help with connections for future visa applications?
Raj: “It is appreciable, as Raise understand the VISA problems and is helping to acknowledge and bridge this gap. Providing support to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in future.”

Where do you think the raise has helped the most?
Raj: “To understand the process and motion of business. A complete package of information a startup can expect. Saving founders from the moment in future where they thought: ‘OH! I wish I knew this earlier!’… basically any ‘OOPS’ moment. From starting to running and investments to growth or marketing to first sales, everything was involved and is even available post-programme.”

How has Raise helped you prepare the business strategy, prepping for funding or preparing for growth?
Raj: “Creating business plans, Investor summary, Cashflow forecast, things to take care of as an employer and hiring. Together these things helped to prepare for what can be a short term and a long term strategy to grow the business.”

For more info on Raj connect with Raj Agarwal direct on linkedin and follow tisec.io.


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