Raise Ventures Accelerator review with Jason McDevitt, startup founder at Aeroblue Software

Today we speak to Jason McDevitt, startup founder at Aeroblue Software to hear his thoughts, review and testimonial about Raise Accelerator programme that he successfully took part in during 2021.

How has your team grown since joining the Raise accelerator?
Jason: “We have recently Hired 2 Part-time developers to start working on our prototype and minimum viable product.”

Can you tell us a bit about the leadership workshop you completed on the Raise Accelerator?
Jason: “The leadership workshop delivered by JP & Sean was excellent, combined with information and activities that helped us understand the importance of building the best team possible and then providing the right environment and motivation to get the best from them and make them feel a valued member of the team.”

How has your experience with the mentors improved your confidence when seeking funding?
Jason: Before the Programme I never had much of an understanding on the details of how companies pitched for investment, the necessary steps required to make sure potential investors had all the information they need and to showcase the business in a way that get investors interested.  The mentors have guided us through that process and set us the necessary task to gather the required information giving us help as and when needed.”

Where do you think raise has helped the most?
Jason: “I think Raise gave me the confidence and knowledge that the business can scale quickly if you have the right strategy in place and then execute that strategy to achieve your goals.”

How has Raise helped you prepare the business strategy, prepping for funding or preparing for growth?
Jason: “The programme is structured in a way that help you build on your strategy as the week progress, you are trained on the tools  required from Business structure, investment summaries through to business management and getting the required funding you need to scale.”



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