Startups and Data with Jason Bell.

Last week at Raise Ventures. We were delighted to host Jason Bell. Jason is an AI and Data Specialist that has spent over thirty years in software and data mining. He has expertise and leadership within the fields of customer loyalty, big data and ultimately thinking about how startups and data can make better founders.

Jason can regularly be found on Twitter. When he is not tweeting about his tea, he’ll be heard encouraging founders to use data to build more efficient startups here in Northern Ireland. This was a talk that we held virtually via zoom and is the latest video in a series over 20 videos that are now available on the Raise Ventures YouTube channel. Be sure to check them out. 🙂


What this talk is about.

In this Tech for Non Tech talk. Jason delivers a beginners view of data and he talks about what data is and how it can benefit startups in Northern Ireland.


Check out Jasons Book

For those of you who do not know Jase from his experience within the Northern Irish startup ecosystem. Outside of software, data and customer loyalty. Jason Bell is an author and in 2014 he wrote the book Machine Learning: Hands on For Developers and Technical Professionals, showing companies how to leverage data for better insight and predictions.


Data is Business, Business is Data

From metrics, to social media, to ‘Big’, ‘Real time’ and ultimately what owning data means for you, your customers and your business. This talk is a story. It’s a journey and you can watch that full journey on our YouTube channel or via the embedded player below. Namaste. 🙏🏻

Thoughts from the talk.

  • A startup needs to be creating a culture of collecting your own data.
  • A founder should not be relying on third parties to collect data for you.
  • Social data will only get you so far.
  • As a director you really need to record everything yourself.
  • Ultimately you are responsible for the data your startup uses.
  • Collecting data can be through a CRM or even a sheet of paper.


Why you should create a culture of collecting data.

If you don’t own the data that you’re collecting your data essentially belongs to someone else. For example: a lot of companies use Facebook and Facebook sales but can’t get granular analytics out of them. Another example is Etsy sellers. Etsy sellers do not get to retain the customer information as the data doesn’t belong to them. This is why you want to collect your own data. It’s also why you want to experiment with Open Data.


How to experiment with Open Data and apply it to your startup.

Open Weather Maps is a good place to start when getting started at external data. Jason spoke about how Open Weather data is a good starting point for startups looking to use open data to improve their business decisions and mentioned that “In relation to the weather… I spoke to an Ice Cream company years ago and we figured out that people don’t really buy ice cream if it’s really really really really hot because people will stay outside in the heat. It actually needs to be just a tad cooler for people to be at the stage when they want an Ice Cream and when it’s cooler they actually go inside and buy ice cream. We found that sales would go up very dependent on the weather but if it was too hot people wouldn’t actually buy Ice Cream and get an ice cream as they’d rather stay outside and sit on the beach!”

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What to do now

Watch the full video on our YouTube. Make sure you like and subscribe! 😉

Have a read of his blog post that Jase wrote last year on ‘writing a tech book’.

For more info on Jason, follow him on twitter: @jasonbelldata.

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