Raise Review 2020 with Katie Matthews of Young Entrepreneur’s Network NI

Katie Matthews
Raise Review 2020

We caught up with Katie Matthews of The Mind Tribe UK last year during Mental Health awareness week. As our first blog post of 2021 and the first edition of ‘The Raise Review’. We thought it would be a good idea to kick start the new year with a reminder to focus on mental health as an entrepreneur.

A new year update from Katie.
“Since the wonderful Tech for Non-Tech event that Raise Ventures asked me to be involved with, I am happy to report that things are going well for The Mind Tribe UK! In this changing and challenging climate, we need to focus and prioritise our mental health and well-being, as well as the mental health and well-being of our children and young people. I am very grateful that my business is in a position where I can operate and thrive and support as many people as possible, as there are so many businesses that are currently facing multiple hardships.

Since the event, I am delighted to say I have been appointed as the NI Deputy National Director for the Global Entrepreneurship Network UK, and am looking forward to see what the future holds for GEN in Northern Ireland and am excited for the challenges and opportunities this role brings.”



An Entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.


You Can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first!

We definitely know that is a connection between your gut health and your mental health. If we are incorporating things like Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 into our diet. That is going to support our normal immune function, support our gut health and also therefore support our mental health as-well.



Sometimes we just need to sit, do nothing and enjoy it.


The Importance of Breathing Exercises


Thank you again to everyone who attended the ‘Self Care for Entrepreneurs’talk and to our other two speakers on the night. You can enjoy the full event on YouTube.

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