Raise Review 2020 with Anthony Rose of Seedlegals

Anthony Rose
In October Raise Ventures hosted Anthony Rose along with 4 other high profiles from the Northern Irish investment industry on a panel at DigitalDNA. Antony was a Co Founder at Seedlegals and in this clip he gives his top tips for Angel Investors and Startups looking for investment.

Angel investors are investing for many reasons
1. Are startups building a product that their consumers love? (Not just world good, product focused companies!)
2. Are the startups focus on the why? (who wants it and why?)
3. Are the founders the audience? (Skin in the game!)
4. Is it run like a military operation? (Founders dabbling on other projects)
5. Do one thing and do it well. (Startups: focus on your one thing and tell us about it.)
6. Customer driven development. (Learn from your customers)
7. Do your own Research. (check out similarweb.com)
8. One last tip on valuation! (Check out Deal Details on Seedlegals Resources)

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