Tech for Non Tech Focus on UX

A big thanks to our speakers Louise Laughlin, Dermot Hughes, Emma Foster and Chris Murphy for the Tech for Non Tech Focus on UX.

The user experience (UX) has become critical factor in the success of many tech products. If a software product isn’t easy to navigate, use or understand, customers easily get put off purchasing and using your product.

There was some great discussion on UX and highlights includ using familiar features from other platforms to help guide customers through your own platform. Even using gami-ficiaton and language can help keep the customer engaged.

A UX designer needs not just to have creativity, they need good communication, problem solving skills as well as influencing skills mixed with analytical to listen to the customer and design the right product.

An it’s key that within UX, it’s not just about focusing on the next ticket and next feature, it’s important to step back and understand how the design will fit into the bigger platform or application to limit design debt

And lastly there were some great insights into tools and prototyping for TheSchoolOfDesign including Notist, Notion, Gumroad, Twitch, StreamYard, Slides, Excalidraw, Loom and Calendly.

This is just a short insight into the event, keep watching this space for the video recording to listen back and take more notes!

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