Commuting is a curse…

One thing that the Covid-19 crisis has revealed is that commuting is a curse.

The idea that it’s okay to pay to attend work, pay to store your car, pay more to eat, and spend two hours or more of YOUR UNPAID TIME to attend an office is quickly becoming untenable for knowledge workers. I’ve had a huge influx of people asking about our upcoming Digital Circle jobs section and keeping my ear to the ground on new roles is important. Just as big companies are slowing their hiring commitments, small companies are more inclined to swipe any talented graduates who are coming on the market this summer. 

This month already Digital Circle has helped place knowledge workers within Northern Ireland but also local knowledge workers with companies in the US, Canada and mainland GB. Any local companies looking for developers, local or remote, should not hesitate to get in touch. The demand definitely is for remote “home working” jobs. 

Are you a developer looking for a gig? Or a local indie dev company looking for developers?

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