I have an idea for an app….

This week we are spoiled for choice.

Two conferences which attract large numbers of people are happening for free (and recordings are made of both of them for those of us who can’t attend in person.).

Both of them have content geared towards the IT and digital sector. Some of the content is complex and hard to understand, some of it is pastoral and some of it is designed to get people into digital careers, allowing transformation of direction in lives.

I’m talking about Beltech and WWDC.

This morning I watched a “Low Code” presentation from Beltech and I’m going to watch a introduction to Swift Playgrounds which I’ll use with my Coder Dojo to teach kids how to code.

But there’s nothing stopping anyone with this. Just access to some hardware. If you are interested in getting ahead in digital, if you want to switch careers and become an entrepreneur in digital or ICT, we can help guide you to get future-proofed skills for free. A perfect activity as we start to exit lockdown.

No other industry provides the same sort of possibilities or the same possibility of returns – a good life, plenty of travel and being in demand.

We, at Raise and Digital Circle, have been working with other organisations in Northern Ireland alongside the biggest names in IT in the province, to work on new ways for people to get skilled up, to start new careers. We saw the results of this with the new free-to-access PgCert in Software Development at QUB but there will be more interventions as Government gets behind the industry demands for talent. It is not only the most rewarding career, it’s the only one that is destined to grow faster than we can supply talent.

But, to get you started, how about this?

I have an idea for an app….click this….

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