In Conversation with JP Irvine, Corporate and Commercial Tech Lawyer

Raise is delighted to be working with JP Irvine from Keystone Law on all things corporate law for the startups in our accelerator programme.
It’s key for founders to relations with professionals in law and accountancy to keep them right when starting and building their business. JP is a tech savvy lawyer is leading the way in the new word of corporate law.

So tell us a bit more about you, JP?
I am a modern day freelance lawyer taking the full benefit of the modern tech-enabled way law firms are evolving. This means, like so many people, and founders of businesses these days, I have a portfolio of roles and gigs that I enjoy immensely.

I am a Consultant Lawyer with JPP Law (a boutique, virtual law firm which helps start ups and funds)
I am Chief Legal Counsel for the coolest financial wellbeing Fin-Tech App on the planet Moneyhub – check them out if you don’t believe me at www.moneyhubenterprise.com
And most people know me from being a partner with the stock market listed Tech law firm, Keystone Law – where I work remotely and globally at the same time out of the London office.

If that sounds confusing, change your normal mindset about what you think a lawyer is. Think of it as being a well networked professional who plays for Man United, Barcelona and LA galaxy all at the same time, but on different kinds of work so as to avoid conflicts of interest.
It’s the new world order for being a corporate and commercial lawyer – and it is an awful lot of fun.

What is the big difference with these new model law firms – how is it different to traditional law firms? I think all the new-model law firms like JPP Law and Keystone Law all INVEST in technology, to form a business that could operate seamlessly, minus the overheads often found in the traditional firm and without the need for a high volume of support staff – all of which usually results in a much lower cost and better value for the client.

What have you been working on with startups here locally in Belfast?
I’ve been working with startups here locally to get incorporated and get that early stage set up paperwork organised. Lots of startups don’t want to spend the time on this, so I get the paperwork all ready and it’s really a matter of the founders signing it and sending it to Companies House.

I’ve been working with my network both here in Belfast and in London to make connections and introductions to make some great collaborative groups. I love connecting people and watching those connections build into relations and even possibly business transactions.

I also spend time explaining legal terminology of shareholders agreements, term sheets and articles of association to founders. I work through real life examples of these papers to make them easy to understand.
And most recently I’ve been helping companies with the Future Fund application.

I designed a package of support at a low cost to help companies out. It contains everything they need to understand the Future Fund, work out if it is right for them, and help them from the beginning to the end of the 21 day process – until the money is received into their bank accounts. Working with at least 11 applications I’m really hoping most of them are successful but the fund was oversubscribed in Day 1 so we will have to wait and see!

What’s next in the coming months?
As we start to emerge from lockdown, I think lots of early stage start up and scale ups have a real opportunity to develop, grow and look for investment.

As well as working at early stage incorporation, I can help with the investment paperwork and advise on an easy step by step process for all the documents needed to get a company ready to talk to investors.

It’s really key for founders to have someone to help translate the legal lingo into plain English they can understand.

If you’d like to know more or have any startup legal questions check out https://www.linkedin.com/in/jp-irvine-0611a846/

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