Review of Online Raise Startup Club with Mel Morrison from Bluesona

Last Thursday, the Raise Startup Club hosted a meetup on Zoom with guest speaker Mel Morrison from Bluesona.

Mel has built Bluesona up over the last few years from an idea to a startup that now sells through their partners in the insurance industry.

Having identified the problem of drivers being distracted by their mobile phones whilst driving, Mel led the way in developing the Loop, an advanced software system combined with a custom engineered patented charger to detect and deter distraction driving.

Mel says that getting the right team members was a key part of the journey, bringing in a CTO for development and managing the tech, alongside looking for advisers and investors that understand electronics and software.

Mel also says being persistent in the pursuit of grants was key and eventually he was able to get an innovation grant from Invest NI. And he recommends that companies who wish to build prototypes should partner up with the local college to help with development.

The team quickly discovered the main route to market is through insurance companies. The Loop solution provides data that is relevant to claims and the underwriting process which is driver centric. This in turn enables the insurance companies to offer discounts and incentives to their customers.

Mel and Bluesona are a great showcase for what’s possible here in Northern Ireland and a true example of someone who started with an idea and has done all the hard yards to take it to market with success.

To find out more about Bluesona check out www.bluesona.co.uk

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