Ideas for The Future: Travel in the 20’s Episode 2

Travel was invented by people wanting to explore, facilitated by the invention of the wheel, the car, the boat and the airplane.
With faster cars, boats and planes, the ability to travel and explore has certainly become easier and quicker.

One story my grandfather often told was his son immigrating to Australia only 35 years ago and how it took a 3 week boat trip to go and visit.
Since then it is now possible to fly direct non stop from London to Perth in only 17 hours.

However with travel advancement also comes complication, for example certain tragic events like 9/11 impacted travel in ways we couldn’t imagine before.
More rules now apply – EG: No water through security combined with stricter packing and security rules.

And now we are in the era of the 2020’s and travel will again be impacted by the COV19.

There has already been speculation of need for social distancing, possibly less frequent flights, increased preventive virus measures on entering or exiting a country.

But will our desire to explore and travel and meet new people outweigh the challenges that we will now face?

What is the future of travel?
Would you still be keen to travel by airplane? Does the exploration justify the hassle of longer queues, more expensive flights and possible virus checking?

How can the travel industry encourage people to travel? Is it better packaged deals that make it easier to book?
Is it a package of not only flights and accommodation but transfer, car parking at the airport, currency provision all in one deal to save the traveller time and money?

Travel could become more personalised with technology advancements and there will be a push towards more sustainability.

Local travel will move away from the car and more towards foot and cycle travel where possible, could this see the growth of more electric bikes and scooters for local travel.

And as part of exploration, people like to be more social. There are many a travel app that connects like minded travellers to help share knowledge on destinations, share trips, experiences.
With “social distancing” being quite important in the 2020’s would you still like to travel, explore and even consider sharing trips with other travellers?

The change and challenges in travel will provide opportunity for innovation and ideas.
Do you have ideas for the future of travel?

Only one this is for certain, travel is changing and hopefully for the better.

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