How we used sli.do to maximise our virtual Tech for Non Tech event.

Using sli.do

We recently used sli.do during our Tech For Non Tech virtual online event and thought it might be a good idea to share the service with you. The event was an interview with Charlene Armour (CEOArmour Global)

What is sli.do?

sli.do allows you to maximise the effectiveness of your Q&A time and we discovered this first hand during our Tech For Non Tech event last week.

Using this product we shared the sli.do code with our viewers during the talk and the attendees viewed and submitted live in real time questions about our event without any disruptions. This allowed Jenny Irvine (Co Founder of Raise Ventures) the space and time to view the questions as they came in for Charlene and gave her the opportunity to prepare time to structure the question.

sli.do is perfect for Virtual Events

With the move towards virtual events happening, it’s important to think about ways to push creativity and interaction without everyone talking over each other or perhaps being a bit shy to ask a question, sli.do removes the barriers and allows your attendees to interact if they want to without the fear of standing up in the middle of the crowd to ask a question.

We’ve attached a few clips below that showcase how easy it is to get started.

After you have created your room, you are given a code.

You can then share this code with your audience and all they have to do is visit the website sli.do and enter this code. In our case the code was #91668, you can try it out with the link above and visit the Tech for Non Tech Q&A



When the users submits the code they can then view the questions that have been asked or they can submit their own. They are also given an option to give their name or submit as an anonymous user.

Lastly, if there is a large amount of interaction, you can ask your attendees to upvote their favourite questions and choose which one should get asked first.



We found our experience with sli.do very rewarding and a special thanks to everyones involvement and being so interactive during the online event.

We’ll be uploading a video of the Tech For Non Tech event very soon. If you’re not already following us on Linkedin Or Instagram make sure you do or visit the Events page for more info on events like this.

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