Insights into the Online Raise Startup Club

Startup Founders come up with ideas and transform these into startups. There are real rewards and challenges of running a startup, the success of making an idea into reality combined with the challenge of not having a team to sound out the next steps with.

That’s where the Online Raise Startup Club comes in. The concept of the club is that founders can come together and share experiences and learn from each other. The discussion and networking helps founders solve real problems within their business and becomes the sounding board for them to figure out their next steps.

The April Online Raise Startup Club met last Thursday evening on Zoom and ran a “lean coffee” model for the session. This is whereby we got the virtual whiteboard out and each attendees can note up 3 topics for discussion.

All attendees vote on the topics they wish to chat about by putting a dot or tick against that topic. The topics with the most votes get discussed first.

Whoever writes up the topic then introduces it and the fun bit is each topic only has 3 minutes (we gave it 5 minutes in our club)

Then the attendees vote “thumbs up” to continue to discuss “thumbs half way” for a maybe and “thumbs down” to move on to next topic.

We had a great discussion on good startup book reads, funding, travel trends, remote working and disaster planning.

It was a great way to connect to other founders, have some good discussion and a good bit of social interaction online!

The next Online Raise Startup Club will be on Thursday 14th May from 6.30pm
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