Leadership challenges and tips to navigate these stormy waters

These challenging times of COV19 need leaders to help steer startups and businesses through. With a change in working practices, to managing employees through a crisis to dealing with customers and suppliers and cash flow, the leaders have a to do list a mile long.

It’s stressful for everyone and the people that stand up to lead today have certain characteristics that help guide through the noise.

These characteristics include:

  • Being proactive, thinking ahead not just for tomorrow, but next week and next month, where possible. This enables the leader to put together different scenarios and map out best and worst scenarios
  • Thinking about people first, it is a challenging and stressful time for all employees and managers and it’s key to understand this and be flexible with tasks and deadlines.
  • With the introduction of furlough as a concept, leaders need to help employees and managers understand the meaning and process whilst working through the impact to the business of furloughing staff.
  • This leads on to communication, it is so important for leaders to use clear communication with employees so they know what is happening, how it will affect them now and in the future.
  • Leaders will ask the simple questions to make sure there are no assumptions that may trip up the business. Especially with remote working, video conferencing and more written communication, things can be easily picked up wrongly so it’s key to ask for clarification
  • Leaders don’t rush to make decisions if they can avoid it. They aim to be as well informed as they can on the subject and then look at options before making decisions
  • Leaders will ask peers for help and advice, as this challenge of COV19 is a real unknown. By asking how other leaders are navigating through there are some really great learnings and support to be had

It’s also key to remember these leaders need to remain calm and collective and will take one step at a time. It’s a real opportunity for leaders to step up and help navigate through these stormy waters to a better, more organised business with clearer communication on the other side

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