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For a small island, off an island, close to Europe, Northern Ireland / Ireland has a great community feel both locally, nationally and globally. Some say its the sense of humour, some say its the entrepreneur “give it a go mind set” and some say its because we like to talk (or even drink a bit) that helps build the community.

Some of the work we’ve been doing recently is expanding the community and reach of Raise across the globe. WHY?

Because building connections brings knowledge and expertise from further afield to our founders. There are partnership and distribution opportunities, customer and supplier opportunities and even investor opportunities.

In the last month through a local entrepreneur we’ve made connections with a startup city programme in Fukuoka, Japan. And connected some local founders who offer solutions to problems that Japan are interested in.

Through a UK fund we’ve made a connection to other privately run accelerator programme in Norwich and it’s been great to share war stories about how to best help and accelerate startups

And through social media we’ve made a recent connection to Hong Kong to talk about investment and what investors are looking for and if solutions our startups offer would be of interest. Hong Kong also has a network of young investors that need guidance into the startup market place here in UK and Ireland which we can help with.

As Raise is on the side of the startups, the more connections we can make that are of interest, the more likely our startups will accelerate by opening opportunity with suppliers, customers or investors.

Above are only a few examples of recent connections, we have links with lots of entrepreneurs in various cities across the globe including Dublin, London, Colorado, Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Warsaw, Sydney and Manila to name a few.

Help us expand our reach, get in touch if you’d like to be involved or if you’d like to connect.

That’s our job to be the connector

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