How can We Solve The Startup Investment Puzzle in light of COV19?

Imagine this scenario: – The innovative startup founder who had an great solution to a real problem, built their team and their product over the last 6 – 12 months had a great opportunity.
They have been talking to investors and received angel investment possibly to survive until the next investment round due September 2020.

But COV19 hits, the angel investors may start to close their purses as it’s likely they may have lost some cash in other areas of their portfolio, the EIS funds struggle to get investment as angel investors deploy their funds into things they know or are already involved in.

The innovative startup founder is stuck, a great solution to a real problem now with limited runway.

They still have an addressable market, demanding to buy their solution, they still have a great product built with a great team. But they don’t have the access to short term investment they need to get to the next stage

  • How do we solve this investment puzzle?
  • Can local government step in and help?
  • How do we showcase there is a real need to support these startups that are “investor ready”?

Jenny Tooth from UKBAA this week said ” early stage investors are so important at this time” with the idea that it is the great founders that angel investors will back and these startups will continue to thrive.

Andrew Bloxam from Foresight this week said” we are in very real danger of losing a generation of companies and the UK should create a Runway Fund to give extra time to these early stage businesses”

Our job is to find and showcase those early stage companies that are investor ready.

Then we can build a real case to angel investors to lead deals and local government for a Runway Fund to support angel investors.

Remember angel investors support early stage, ambitious innovative startups and there are plenty available who need help now to be the growth companies and employers of the future

Help us solve the Startup Investment Puzzle and build the case and lobby to the local government

If you are a startup that is investor ready please please tell us

Email Us Now – A short bio of your company and how much investment you need today to runway

With a list of startups looking for investment we can demonstrate the need for angel investment and a Runway Fund.
This is for the greater good of the startups and the future economy. Let’s act together and let’s act now.

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