Invest during Adversity. And look for developers during this virus pandemic. It’s an opportunity!

I don’t know Alejandra but she was retweeted into my stream and that set me immediately looking at how many developers have been laid off companies effectively disabled by this encroaching virus. It’s hundreds in my timeline.

The thing is – the world will become normal again. It will be a new normal, with changes that won’t leave is (a little like how we have to take off our shoes at airports and how we aren’t allowed to bring large bottles of liquid aboard planes). But it will be normal. You have to plan for the new normal.

For startups, those who are receiving investment, life must continue as normal. You must build business continuity plans into your startup, and if you haven’t you’re negligent (but it’s not too late, obviously). You should talk to us about that. And of course as we started up as a virtual incubator back in 2009/10, we’ve continued as a virtual accelerator in 2020. Business as usual.

If anything, this pandemic has bought you time. It’s vital that you use this time well, it’s vital that you take this opportunity to get ahead of the curve.

What should you do about it?

But with all of these developers suddenly coming onto the market there has never been a better time to start a startup. Loads of people have free time, some of them really need a job. There has never been a better time to start a startup. You can find hundreds of talented people looking for work (and some of them looking for distraction). So why aren’t you doing something about it?

And if you are a smart person finding themselves up to nothing (and one of the lucky ones who is still getting paid), take a few hours out of your news reading schedule to dream up some startup ideas. We have an Online Silicon Drinkabout session next week. Dial in and have a chat.

Invest during adversity.

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