Beating the crowd….through applied creativity.

I remember very well the first day I saw rubber wellington boots for adults that weren’t green or black.

You’d always been able to buy multi-coloured wellies for infants, but for adults the variety was very sparse. But that day, seeing a bright red pair of rubber wellies was a bit of revelation. They were very stylish.

So, this week MIT has announced they have invented a “smart nappy”.

Now MIT researchers have developed a “smart” diaper embedded with a moisture sensor that can alert a caregiver when a diaper is wet. When the sensor detects dampness in the diaper, it sends a signal to a nearby receiver, which in turn can send a notification to a smartphone or computer.

Work it out with a pencil

I’m suddenly reminded of the old joke about, in the Space Race, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent at NASA inventing a pen that could write in zero G whereas the Russians used pencils.

It does make me wonder why we haven’t invented hydrogels for diapers that change colour when wet. That would be the most obvious one to me. The idea of having a sensor and a receiver just seems over engineered to me. But then this is MIT.

You need Applied Creativity

Now, I get it – a sensor means eyeballs don’t have to be present to notice the wet and this is massive breakthrough. But heck, waste an Innovation Voucher on colour changing hydrogels. Or think about how just changing the colour of something can be revolution in itself.

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