How will you cope in the new decade of the 20’s?

It’s Friday morning, it’s breakfast time, you think it’ll just take 2 minutes to see what’s happening in the news, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin then 15 minutes later you’re rushing out the door late for work.

It’s 9.10am in work, you’re checking the calendar for the day getting ready to make the to do list, the slack messages go, the email’s ping, your whatsapp on the phone goes and all of a sudden that 10am meeting creeps up and you’re not prepared.


We’ve all been there, emerged in what’s going on in the world either for social or for work. Constantly bombarded with messages, information, education and news. 


It’s fast paced, you need to make quick decisions, you become overloaded with information and stress builds up. The workload builds and the requirement to do a good job, quicker and better created an increased pressure.


No wonder the decade of the 20’s could be the era of a mental health crisis. There is no time to slow down and there is no time for those old 30 minute phone call to catch up, there is no time to look after yourself.


So when there are good times, it’s ok you can survive but when there are bad times people keep going cause they have no time to stop. 

Now is the era we have to stop, we have to make the choice to make the time for ourselves. Nobody will look after you like you can and should.

Especially in the start up world, we are acutely aware of fast paced, long hours and risks founders take.

That’s why we are launching a new series of mental health and wellbeing workshops that are free. 

These will give you the tips and tools you need to cope in the new decade of the 20’s

Let’s have an era of good mental health not bad and it starts today


Check out Resilience Lunchtime Workshop at Raise on Wednesday 29th January at 12pm – 1pm


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