Creative Industries Seed Fund Launch

Last week saw the launch of the Creative Industries Seed Fund in Northern Ireland. Obviously a direct descendent of the Innovation Fund it’s not quite as open as the predecessor because it’s definitely aimed at Digital. If you recall, 40% of the Innovation Fund was dedicated to Digital previously – this will be close to 100% but the money is less so it’s around the same amount of investment.

What’s it for?

It’s for ideas which are commercially viable. That’s the thing. Something innovative and transformational. It’s not to get your app built or to build out version 2 of your product. It’s designed for things that are testing the limits of the platform.

But like the Innovation Fund, there’s some onerous paperwork and on top of that… a really short deadline.

Matt in our team has a decent amount of experience in writing and reading these sorts of applications (and was part of the Innovation Fund panel back in the day) so if you want to have some help in getting an application in, we have open hours for Full Members for the next two weeks.

If you’re not a Full Member, email matt@raise-ventures.com and we can see if we can run a workshop in the next week or so for all comers.

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