Other views on Venture Capital

Hank Williams on “Why does everything suck” writes:

“VCs generally don’t add that much value beyond cash. They will try to say otherwise. Unless they are famous for adding such value (check Google) they are probably lying. Aside from the fact that they are probably incapable of adding much value, even if they could, VCs are extremely busy managing their portfolio, meeting new companies, dealing with limited partners, etc. If you want your company to succeed, you will really have to do it yourself. Believing that a VC is going to add some incredible value that is going to help make your company is foolhardy.”

Denny K Miu writes on lovemytool.com about VCs:

“VC’s have been my best friends and my worst enemies, in ways that are not always within my immediate control. In the process, ironically, I have come to respect Venture Capitalist as a profession, which I believe is the least understood if not the most misunderstood. And I am convinced that mistakes I have made with VC’s (eventually turning many of them into my worst enemies) were a result of my inexperience as a CEO compounded by a total lack of understanding of who VC’s are and what they do for a living.”

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