Crowdfunding Success: Batchbuddy at 83%!

One of our fledgling startups worked their way through product development and into a Kickstarter campaign about three weeks ago. 75% of the way into the campaign they’re at 83% funded – and all authentic pledges which, as most will know from Kickstarter analyses, is pretty awesome.

Batchbuddy is certain to get across the line as the trends go, and it joins “Football Fortunes” as a successful Kickstarter that originated in our building. Tomorrow morning we also have an event about the realities of Equity Crowdfunding as an option for start-ups to secure finance. It’s something we support just as much as we support the crowdfunding approach to test markets and product development.

These are home gown companies – working in small markets – limited by very conservative attitudes from institutional funders. It’s amazing that they’ve gotten this far and they can’t do it alone!

Only 9 days left on the BatchBuddy Kickstarter campaign with over 83% at £8,305 funded every penny counts to get it funded to £10,000!

Pledge today and share with friends for great cocktails this Christmas.

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