Who holds the power?

The question of who holds the power comes up in every day life. Where there is power there is change. Is the power coming from the electricity companies, well literally! But it also comes from the politicians, the parents, the teachers, the business people, the civil service or is it from the community?

The hardest place create power in order to make any change is on your own. There is no “i” in team, there is no power or change without a group of people or a community.

These last few weeks have been about making a change, building a community, thinking about using power of the people to make a postive change.

It started with StartUp Champion Lunch in Belfast just over a week ago – a room of people who are involved in helping startups from grassroots. Helping founders who are on their own navigate the rough road of building their idea into a credible invest able business. With 40 people in one room the conversation was around how the startup champions can help startups even more. We had the StartUp Dublin Week guys Colin and Gene come up and visit.  Only in year 2 of running the events in Dublin, the guys and their team have created a Startup Week with 93 events. Wow. That’s power.



Following the Startup Champion Lunch we joined the EISA Ready Steady Grow event to listen to access to finance and investment strategies followed by an all female VC panel discussion. Raise were on stage talking about our private accelerator and how we are on the side of founders and our startups BatchBuddy and Armour were on stage to pitch. What great feedback we have received  – everything from “Raise is a great idea, we love what you are doing” to  “we want to find out more and the presentations from our Raise startups were exceptional” That’s power.



Then into this week, well after hearing so much about StartUp Week Dublin, we knew we had to get involved. And with the amazing organisation of Alastair Cameron and his team, and sponsors RealTime and Fund Axis, we took a bus load of startups to Dublin for a showcase NXSTech.  It was a night to remember, the stories from founders of success, ups and downs, challenges and the reality of “build it and they won’t come” from BPM Build. Big thanks to all who made the trip, Uniteck AI, Esther, BPM Build, Oroson, Cropsae, Orryx, Civic Dollar and BatchBuddy.

The power at this event was in the connections, the North / South collaboration despite the Brexit word, the opportunity, the knowledge transfer, the community. That’s power.




So who holds the power? The group of people that want to be the change.  The startups can’t do this journey on their own, they will burn out, they will get lost. The power here is to make a difference, one introduction, one sale, believe in the vision, listen and understand the pain, support them through the highs and lows.

The power is held by the community, the startup champions. Belfast is the place to be and we want to showcase the great work and startups happening on our door step. The power in supporting our startups will make them stronger, more invest able and more successful. That’s power

How? StartUp Week Belfast!

StartUp Week Belfast planning is already in motion through the power of the community. Watch this space, it is the start of something special.

We need Start Up Week volunteers – interested email us now!

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