Countdown to RAISE THE GLASS – 16th October

In the aftermath of INVENT 2019, we were left with some interesting questions. There was an impression that we only work with the companies we mentor. We work with a lot more. We also spend a lot of time raising the tide; the rising tide lifts all ships.

What is Raise?

Raise (and Raise Ventures) is a response to market failure from the private sector. The first Raise was in response to the collapse of Halo locally. It proved that investment events don’t need government intervention. It proved that their good works had a lasting legacy.

What is the Raise?

This week we have another of our flagship events, our RAISE. Every six months we bring a heap of people into a room – some founders, some investors (and some trusted advisors). We’ve been doing this since 2017. We see some pitches, we have some food and drink and we have a lot of conversations.

Who can pitch?

Anyone can pitch. Some of the pitching slots are taken up by our companies but not all of them. We started the Raise accelerator in early 2019 and we’d already run the Raise before that. It’s not just about our startups – it’s for every startup.

Who should come?

You should come if you’re planning to pitch, now or later. You should come if you are interested in investing in high potential startups. You should come if you are an advisor to investors.

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