Announcing DECODE: Tech for non-Tech Founders

For as long as we have been working in this sector, there have always been non-tech founders. People who have an idea, who can pitch, can attract investment and who can sell something that they might not be able to build.

Despite my “technology” background, I put myself firmly into that category. While I can write a little code, it’s best that I never do. I’m not terrible at Scripting. But that’s firmly the limit of where I would deploy my code. that said – I’ve product managed multiple software products, including some that actually made profits. I have an “IT” background – working to build and maintain networks and servers in order to support developers of hardware and software and ultimately the product manufacturing lines. I’m competent at change management, business continuity, and other buzzword compliant activities. But this was honed over years of being immersed in it.

So what is DECODE?

DECODE is meant to fix this. There has to be a way to gain the knowledge and contacts (and resultant hive mind effects) without having to make all of the mistakes over years. We want to be fostering those conversations sooner rather than later. Making sure that Founders have their basic grounding in the technology that they’re dealing with or intending to.

Come along to DECODE at the Raise office on Friday morning (18th October) to meet and greet with other founders (and would-be founders) to help demystify the tech industry from the inside out. We will have developers on hand, as well as some technical founders and also some people who have made the journey; building and owning a tech business while not being deeply technical themselves.

Come along if you want to make contacts, get some technical knowledge and get recommendations on courses of action from people who have already done it. No-one will have an identical story – it’s up to you as the Founder to ply your own way.

DECODE is our monthly meetup for non-Tech founders and other people who want to improve their technical knowledge and serve the startup community. 

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