Dig under the hood of Raise

A car is made up of many moving parts; the wheels, the windscreen wipers, the steering wheel all connected to and powered by the engine.

The engine of RAISE is made of a mix of experienced team members with a history of helping start-ups. By being in the engine room, sitting side by side with our start-ups we help them at every pain point. Its about helping the start-ups understand business fundamentals as well as answering questions about pricing, marketing, sales, CAP tables, financial projections and many more questions. More importantly it’s about helping them recognise the questions and develop their own answers.

The engine makes connections, gives the start-ups a helping hand, a mentor, advice, help with a new logo, help with building a website, help finding someone who has walked the start-up journey in the same shoes.

The engine is the place where the start-ups get challenged, questions get asked, start-ups look at their businesses with fresh ideas. The engine room also cheer-leads the start-ups celebrates the wins and steps forward. The engine accelerates the start-ups.

We’ve been approached multiple times by start-ups who’ve been through other process and didn’t feel accelerated. That’s the difference, they don’t have an engine.

Dig under the hood and find the engine that powers the moving parts; the moving parts power the startups.

This is RAISE.

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