Applications Open!

Applications for the RAISE accelerator programme are open. Answer some simple questions. Be as honest as you can and we will consider your application by the end of March for entry into the programme as soon as it opens.

Our criteria are very simple.

Is the business disruptive?

Are there customers you can steal from existing businesses or entirely new markets that have not been exploited efficiently? Who’s annoyed by your success?

Is the business scalable?

Don’t tell us how you only need 1% of the $-billion market. Tell us how you’re getting your first 100 customers. And then your next 900. That’s the interesting story. And how many customers do you need to be revenue generating?

Are the founders the people to execute this vision?

Some people don’t understand shares and valuation. We will provide this education during the programme and follow up with blog posts here where we can help to improve the understanding across the sector.

We won’t give you the “slow no”. We will feed back to you as soon as the selection process completes. And unfortunately there’s no appeal process. There will be another RAISE programme kicking off in the Autumn, so come and talk to us about how you can be ready for that.

There are only six spaces so there will be competition.

Closing date for Cohort 1: 29th March 2019.

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