For Investors

The RAISE accelerator is the only privately-run accelerator in Northern Ireland. Our team have extensive experience in running programmes for economic development, for digital technology and for investment readiness. We also have investors who have decades of experience of disruptive and highly scalable businesses.

We need you.

You’ve got experience, contacts and interests that we don’t have. We want to know what areas, sectors and trends really excite you. That can contribute to our recruitment and help us match interesting teams with interested investors. Come in, have a chat and lets work on our “Request For Startups” process. Bring your address book and experience – there’s a wealth of knowledge that startups need and that you have. Let’s put it to work.

Our startups need you.

We need smart, savvy investors to get involved with our accelerator programme and engage with our startups. They need their initial investments and with our professional services network, we can help find the right vehicle for investment. You’ll have unlimited access to the startups you make a connection with – so it’s best to get in there early and help shape something.

The Raise needs you

The Belfast Raise, our series of impactful pitch events we have been running since 2017, needs an audience that is seriously engaged with the world of disruptive, scalable startups.